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Council on Aging envisions a community that allows aging adults to maintain independence, dignity and quality of life and is dedicated to making that vision a reality.  There are many ways that you can partner with us in our efforts to transform Charlotte-Mecklenburg into a senior-friendly* community. 

  • As an individual, you can make a donation for your own future or the future of loved ones to ensure a senior-friendly * community. 

You can also make a donation on behalf of or in memory of someone dear to you.  These make meaningful gifts and your recipient will receive notification of your thoughtfulness.

As you’re making your donation, please be aware that many employers will support your efforts to improve the community by matching your donation through a “matching gifts program.”   Be sure to ask your employer for a matching gift form. 

  • As a corporation or organization, you may be interested in investing in the future of Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s transformation into a senior-friendly* community.  

Aging baby boomers are the largest generation in our country’s history. In the next 20 years, Mecklenburg County will experience a 260% growth in the adults over age 60. That’s around 250,000 people 60 or older!

Please partner with Council on Aging with a one-time donation or multi-year donation to ensure that issues facing this increased population are effectively met.

  • There are many Council on Aging education and advocacy programs that would benefit from a sponsor.  Opportunities include the Legislative Agenda on Aging, the Annual Conference and the Candidates’ Forum.  It’s a great opportunity to help Council on Aging put its vision into action.  For information, contact Katie Kutcher, Education Program Manager, 704-391-5216, ext. 204 or
  • Perhaps you’d prefer to contribute in-kind goods or services needed and used by Council on Aging in efforts to transform our community.  Maybe your company could offer printing services and could assist Council on Aging with a special mailing.  Or, maybe you have refreshments you could provide for an education or advocacy program.  A donation of services and/or goods like this allows Council on Aging to reduce its costs.  It’s a significant way to help Council on Aging in its mission.  For information, contact Debora Sparks, Executive Director, 704-391-5216 or  
  • Many individuals are choosing to leave a permanent legacy for the charity of their choice.  Please consider remembering Council on Aging in your long-term estate planning.  Individuals have different needs and abilities to give, so it’s suggested you contact your financial advisor about planned giving that would include Council on Aging.

Please make a donation today for a senior-friendly* tomorrow!



*A senior-friendly community allows aging adults
to maintain independence, dignity and quality of life.


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