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Advocacy Education

Transforming Charlotte-Mecklenburg into a senior-friendly* community requires insight and understanding about issues that can impact aging adults and their quality of life.  Educating the community about these issues is a critical part of a successful transformation and Council on Aging is committed to being a catalyst by providing information, tools and resources.

Council on Aging is your “source” on senior issues by offering a variety of educational topics and formats for aging adults, people who work with aging adults, decision makers, and anyone interested in creating a senior-friendly* community.  For example: 

  • You may find the Resources and In the News sections on this website helpful places to identify agencies, facilities or organizations to address specific needs as well as to learn about the latest developments concerning aging.
  • Education programs addressing specific key issues or solutions can be developed and tailored for diverse audiences, often in collaboration with community partners and aging industry professionals, that educate, support or facilitate advocacy.
  • An Annual Conference, held each May, focuses on relevant topics and provides knowledgeable speakers to help move the senior-friendly* transformation forward.
  • A Speaker’s Bureau is available to bring important information about older adults to audiences interested in becoming educated about the senior-friendly* community and to support and advocate for change.

Advocating - being the “voice” for changes critical to creating a senior-friendly* Charlotte-Mecklenburg - is a Council on Aging priority.   Being a recognized advocate for change and empowering older adults to advocate for themselves positions Council on Aging as the major “voice” for successful transformation of this community. 

Advocacy programs provide the tools, resources and skills necessary to empower our aging adults, policy makers, and all those interested in their quality of life to affect positive change for their future.

Sometimes an issue impacting the aging process or quality of life is identified that calls for immediate action.  Council on Aging raises awareness through Advocacy Alerts.  Advocacy Alerts provide a summary of the issue, highlight the current situation, and recommend advocacy actions designed to facilitate a favorable outcome.

If you’d like to stay informed about educational and advocacy opportunities, please sign up now. 

*A senior-friendly community allows aging adults
to maintain independence, dignity and quality of life.


Advocacy Alerts
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