Mecklenburg County Council on Aging - Charlotte, NC
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Mission Statement
About Us

Ready to write report for me about our community's aging issues. Let's imagine a community…

  • Where the aging process is recognized as natural and considered desirable;
  • Where older adults are respected, protected and can live out their days with dignity and grace;
  • Where public policy is consistently developed with consideration of the impact on the aging population;
  • Where older adults can expect to experience the best possible quality of life, the best physical and mental health through easy access to nutrition, socialization, exercise, health care, recreation, and independence enabled by mobility and a senior-friendly design.

That’s the community Council on Aging envisions for all aging adults in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area and is dedicated to making it a reality!  Partner with us in our efforts to make it happen!

*A senior-friendly community allows aging adults
to maintain independence, dignity and quality of life.


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