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Emerging Issues  

I am in the process to write speech for me. I found a whale of cool facts and want to sahre with you. Did you know that:

  • In the United States, the baby boomer generation (those born between 1946 and 1964) numbers approximately 77 million?
  • Aging baby boomers are the largest generation in our country’s history?
  • In the next 20 years, Mecklenburg County will experience a 260% growth in the adults over age 60? That’s around 250,000 people 60 or older!
  • Mecklenburg County’s older adult population is now increasing at a greater rate than that of the population of children?

The ripple effect of this demographic shift of aging boomers will impact all aspects of Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

  • What are the implications for housing, healthcare, transportation, care giving, and support services?  
  • What are the impacts on recreation, leisure time, insurance, food and nutrition? 
  • Can business find qualified workers to replace those who want to retire?
  • Can attitudes change toward older workers? 

Council on Aging examines this demographic shift and identifies emerging issues that are likely to impact the quality of life for aging adults in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community.  The issue then becomes a current emerging issue and  Council on Aging:

  • Makes the issue a priority;
  • Determines how the issue is currently impacting the aging population and the consequences for quality of life and a senior-friendly * community;
  • Conducts research to document the facts, collect statistics and create a framework for understanding that will lead to the formulation of solutions;
  • Educates decision makers and stakeholders on impacts of issues on older adults and recommends possible solutions;
  • Advocates throughout the community to advance solutions that improve or resolve the issue. 

The ultimate goal is to create a senior-friendly* community!


*A senior-friendly community allows aging adults
to maintain independence, dignity and quality of life.


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