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…a dedicated group of individuals committed to transforming Charlotte-Mecklenburg into a senior-friendly* community through education and advocacy.

Debora M. Sparks
Executive Director
[email protected]

As Executive Director, a primary responsibility is to understand the needs and interests of older adults in Mecklenburg and to make sure that Council on Aging pursues the issues, partnerships and collaborations that advance those needs and interests.

I believe that efforts made on behalf of older adults at this critical time in Mecklenburg's development will enhance the quality of life for them, their families, their neighborhoods and ultimately, for the entire community for generations to come. It is a privilege for me to have this opportunity to help shape the future for this ever-growing segment of our community.

Katie Kutcher
Education Program Manager
[email protected]
704-391-5216, ext. 202

My main responsibility is organizing and conducting programs that educate the community about issues affecting aging adults.  I also teach participants how to advocate for those issues. 

Contact me if you’re interested in have one of our programs presented to your group or if you’d like to know more about becoming an advocate in the community. I also am available to answer general questions about resources for older adults in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area.

Abby Phagan-Byrum
Administrative Manager
[email protected]
704-391-5216, ext. 201

I am often your initial point of contact for Council on Aging. My responsibilities include managing the phones, maintaining the data base, processing mailings, handling all office equipment and supplies and assisting the Executive Director.

As a native Charlottean, I am interested in improving the lives of the growing community of older adults in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area, not only for their sake, but also for the viability of this wonderful community.

Karel Joyce Kalaw
Graduate Assistant
UNC Charlotte
MA, Gerontology Program
[email protected]
As the graduate assistant, my responsibility is doing the research needed for Council on Aging to create a senior disaster registry.  This initiative will provide emergency responders the information needed to assist older adults in Mecklenburg County in an emergency.  Upon completion, the database created for this effort will assist Council on Aging in further fulfilling their mission.

Working for Council on Aging will help me in my desire to be a proactive change agent for the aging population, especially in my native country the Philippines.  I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned from Council on Aging with the Filipino people.


*A senior-friendly community allows aging adults
to maintain independence, dignity and quality of life.


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