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What is the Council on Aging? 

Council on Aging is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit that believes transforming Mecklenburg County into a model community of senior-friendly design will enable all aging adults to enjoy the best quality of life and the best physical and mental health.  Education and advocacy are key to creating a senior-friendly Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

Why would I contact Council on Aging?  

You could contact Council on Aging to:

  • Provide you with a comprehensive list of resources and information related to important issues about aging.
  • Help you understand what a senior-friendly community can and should be so that you can recognize the value and advocate for more changes and improvements!
  • Learn about emerging issues affecting aging adults in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community, how the community is addressing them, resources regarding those issues and what you can do to help.
  • Provide a speaker to discuss issues on aging affecting Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s older community for your organization or group, and,
  • Make a donation to ensure that this community becomes senior-friendly for all of us.  Each of us is an older adult “under construction.”  Let’s ensure that our community is not only one in which we want to live when we reach “older” but that it also meets the needs of our friends, neighbors, and families who are there now!

How does Council on Aging act as a “source and voice” for issues about aging?

Council on Aging is a “source” of educational opportunities, collaborations and partnerships for anyone in the community interested in transforming Charlotte-Mecklenburg into a senior-friendly community.  Education and Advocacy Programs and an Annual Conference are provided throughout the year, often in conjunction with other agencies, organizations and companies to deliver up-to-date information and resources. 

Council on Aging identifies emerging issues that can impact the quality of life for aging adults in the community.  Once identified, Council on Aging conducts research to develop the information and data needed to inform decision makers on how the issue impacts seniors and to advocate in the community for solutions.  In this way, Council on Aging is the “voice” for all older adults in Mecklenburg who may benefit from a more senior-friendly community!

Why does Council on Aging think it’s important for a community to be “senior-friendly?”

In the next 20 years, Charlotte-Mecklenburg will experience a 260% growth in adults over age 60.  That’s around 250,000 people 60 or over!   This aging demographic is a reality and Council on Aging believes that Mecklenburg can—and should—do all that it can to become a community in which people can “age well.”

Numerous studies have been conducted to identify the requirements for “aging well.”  Locally, this work was done by a group of community volunteers under the auspices of the Status of Seniors Initiative.  Their work, based on regionally available data, various surveys and focus groups, produced two reports that describe the advantages and attributes of a senior-friendly community.  Implementation of Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s senior-friendly agenda has become the responsibility of Council on Aging. 

For aging adults, maintaining independence, dignity, and quality of life is critical.  A senior-friendly community provides the infrastructure, support and services to make that a reality.  Some key elements are: affordable and appropriate housing, supportive community, caregiver services and resources, as well as adequate mobility and transportation options.  Council on Aging is dedicated to advocating for the changes necessary to become a truly senior-friendly Mecklenburg.

Does Council on Aging provide services?

Council on Aging provides information, research and advocacy programs.  While these are not “direct” services in the conventional sense, they address needs and concerns that are not met by other organizations serving older adults in Mecklenburg County. 

Council on Aging focuses on education to provide individuals and policy makers with facts about matters that affect the quality of life for aging adults in the community.  Council on Aging engages in advocacy to advance its mission to transform Charlotte-Mecklenburg into a senior-friendly community. 

How is Council on Aging funded?  
Council on Aging is a private 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization supported by donations from committed and caring individuals, corporations, organizations, foundations, bequests and local government.


*A senior-friendly community allows aging adults
to maintain independence, dignity and quality of life.


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