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Every May, in honor of Older Americans Month, Council on Aging hosts its Annual Conference.  These conferences provide topics and speakers from national, state and local levels of special interest to Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s aging population. 

Offered since 2000, the Annual Conference provides a platform for identifying or developing projects that can help transform Charlotte-Mecklenburg into a truly senior-friendly* community.  The Conference is a “must-attend” for everyone interested in improving the aging process!

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Annual Conference 2010 ...A New Look at Aging

  • Conference 2010 Brochure
  • Conference 2010 Program
  • Morning Address: Current Issues in North Carolina
  • Lunch Address: The Truth About Health Care Reform
  • Workshop: Disability Etiquette: Do I Open the Door for Someone in a Wheelchair?
  • Workshop: Charlotte to Raleigh
  • Workshop: Veteran Services
  • Workshop: Advocacy
  • Workshop: Aging Sensitivity
  • Workshop: Just 1 Call
  • Workshop: Information and Assistance: Best Practices
  • Workshop: Understanding Benefits
  • Workshop: APS: Preventing Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of Adults
  • Proclamation: Older Americans Month, May 2010
  • Evaluation Results

Annual Conference 2009 ...introducing Aging & Disabilties Community Resource Connection (CRC) -- Serving Mecklenburg County.

  • Conference 2009 Brochure
  • Conference 2009 Program
  • Keynote Address (PPT)
  • Workshop: CRC 101 for Consumers
  • Workshop: CRC 101 for Providers
  • Workshop: Disability Etiquette
  • Workshop: Just 1 Call
  • Workshop: Navigating through Benefits
  • Workshop: Person-Centered Thinking
  • Workshop: The Aging Network
  • Proclamation: Older Americans Month, May 2009
  • Evaluation Results

Annual Conference 2008--It’s YOUR future.  Make sure it’s senior-friendly!

  • Annual Conference 2008 Brochure
  • Annual Conference 2008 Program
  • Keynote Address
  • Housing Breakout Session
  • Caregiving Breakout Session
  • Transportation Breakout Session
  • How to Lobby
  • How to Plan a Legislative Campaign
  • Ten Steps to Effective Advocacy
  • Proclamation
  • Evaluation Results

Annual Conference 2007 Emergency Planning for Older Adults Why Planning for the Worst is Your Best Plan of Action.

  • Annual Conference 2007 Brochure
  • Annual Conference 2007 Evaluation Results
  • Senior Disaster Registry
  • Personal Disaster Plan

*A senior-friendly community allows aging adults
to maintain independence, dignity and quality of life.


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